Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Must Read in 2016 September Update

I have enjoyed some awesome books this summer, and my reading has taken me all over the map, as usual. I actually kind of forgot about my Must Read in 2016 list and was picking up titles from all sorts of lists that I make. Thanks to Carrie from There Is a Book for That for keeping me focused on those titles that I absolutely committed to read this year.

At the time of our Spring Update I had completed 40% of my Must Read titles. Since that time I've added the following books:

Not quite as enjoyable as Larson's Devil in the White City, but still an interesting and educational account of the last crossing of the Lusitania. Something a little different for me.

LOVED this book!  I'm a big fan of Jennifer A. Nielsen's.

This book? A real favourite! I highly recommend it.

I enjoyed Wolf Wilder, but was perhaps expecting something a little different. This resulted in a bit of a conflicted opinion. Still, I would recommend it.

This leaves me with five titles remaining on my Must Read in 2016 list.


That sounds like it should be easy enough to accomplish; however, once I read the other Must Read lists that are shared, I'm sure that my TBR list is only going to be growing!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PB10for10 - 10 Titles I Need to Add to My New Library STAT!

The last week of June. Chasing down the remaining few borrowed books, cleaning up inventory, Grade 8 Graduation, Talent Show, Awards Assemblies, Staff Party. If it wasn't chaotic enough, I decided to go for the challenge and accept a new posting for September. Needless to say, that decision added a whole lot more to my to-do list that week. As excited as I was, the week became an emotional and draining experience for me.

In addition to loving just about everything about my school, I had developed a pretty amazing Picture Book collection for a small rural school. It didn't occur to me that a larger school, with a larger budget, would be lacking most of my absolute must-haves. In the past few weeks I have been scouring my new catalogue, and it has left me almost in tears. My whole program - what. am. I. going. to. do???

So, I've been prioritizing. And I figure that my list would make a great theme for pb10for10: 10 titles I need to add to my new library collection STAT! I'm sorry to say, but I'm going to need more than 10. But 10 is a start, and 10 it will be.

How does an elementary school library not have Peter Reynold's The Dot in its collection? I always use this one in September for International Dot Day. This will be my first purchase.

The book love that we shared for this Caldecott masterpiece is still so fresh in my mind that I get goosebumps thinking a bout it. Finding Winnie was one of many, many nonfiction picture books that we adored.

I turn to this one again and again - each time I need to make a link to curious inquisitiveness.

The discussions, applications, and extension activities provided by this nonfiction picture book will blow you away.

More nonfiction picture book brilliance. And Julie Morstad's illustrations? To die for.

A beautiful story with important values and life lessons, Grandfather Gandhi also provides an excellent biography option for students studying this genre.

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast? Because it is SO much FUN! We had a blast with this one.And we reinforced tallying with one of our extension activities.

So much to talk about with Red. Diversity, labels, being true to oneself. This book has applications for many different age groups.

Despite its American bias, this nonfiction picture book is well received when the Toronto Blue Jays make a playoff appearance. Informative and fun - especially once you add some seventh inning stretching to the readaloud.

I guess soon after purchasing Julie Kraulis' first Arlo story, I will need to get her new one, An Armadillo in New York. Excellent additions to the nonfiction picture book genre.

There you have it, my 2016 pb10for10 list. I want to thank Cathy from Reflect and Refine for first inviting me to participate in pb10for10 back in 2013. She, along with Mandy from Enjoy and Embrace Learning co-founded this fun and enlightening meme. I encourage you to take some time and see what other bloggers have included in their pb10for10. Follow #pb10for10 on Twitter. My previous posts may be found here: 2013, 2014 (I was on a screenfree vacation in 2015 and did not participate).