Monday, February 17, 2014

What's Making Me Happy This Month - February

What's making me happy this month? That's easy. Gotta be the sun. I can't remember a winter with so many sunny days. Sure, there's been a lot of snow, and many frigid cold days this winter. But what has made it bearable, and dare I say enjoyable, has been the brilliant sunshine.

I have lived in some places where the sun was pretty much absent from December to March. You can guess what that does to a person's mental health - especially when the roads were closed just about every other day; rendering one pretty much isolated and house-bound. But no complaints from me at all this winter. Yup, the beautiful sunshine is what's making me happy this month.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Reading Slump - Blame It On The Olympics!

The morning paper; the odd picture book here and there. This has been the extent of my reading over the past several days. And it's unlikely to get much better until after Sunday February 23. You can blame it on the Olympics.

For the next two weeks, you will find me tethered to the TV or the CBC Olympics app on my portable devices. And while I'm at school? Live streaming in the Library - now that's an improvement since Vancouver!

I have always been a fervent viewer of the Games. Oh, how I wish I could find my scrapbook from the 1976 Montreal Olympics - my homage to Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut, when newcomer Nadia Comaneci was stealing all the headlines for her perfect 10's.

The Winter Games, though, come at a time in the calendar when most Canadians welcome a little diversion.  And the Olympics delivers! For 16 days we get to escape the drudgery of a Canadian winter and bond with family and friends around a television screen; imbibing in Canadian food and drink, while cheering on our new national heroes. Jingoism aside, I revel in the sight of our beautiful maple leaf, whether it's being waved in a spectator crowd in Sochi, or adorned on the palm of a child's mitten. I simply cannot get enough of the musical montages or the special segments on Raising An Olympian, or My Russia that CBC does such a phenomenal job of producing. And the touching photographs of our proud and polite athletes realizing their Olympic dreams! I'm a true sucker for it all!

Dara Howell and Kim Lamarre, Gold and Bronze medalists in Ski slopestyle.
Photo courtesy of

So, if you're looking for me in the next little while, you won't find me with my nose in a book. If I'm not watching the Olympics I may be living out my own Olympic fantasies on a ski hill somewhere, or preparing for a Gold Medal (fingers crossed) hockey party. Care to join me?

Celebrating Double Hockey Gold in 2010